Rules & regulations

  1. Assembly will be held on all days at 9 a.m.
  2. Children coming to school by own transport must reach the school by 8.40 a.m.
  3. Children must bring their school diary daily. Parents must check and sign the entries in the school diary daily with pen.
  4. Children suffering from contagious diseases are not permitted to attend class till recovered.
  5. Parents must discuss the problems whatever their ward faces at school or at home, frankly with the teacher; especially about the diseases and medicines. This will help us to serve you better.
  6. Children are not allowed to wear gold ornaments and bring costly items in the school.
  7. Birthdays of all children will be celebrated in the assembly. On birthdays children can wear colour dresses, and as a lasting and benefiting gift to all his classmates, the children may contribute a book to the kid’s library.
  8. Parents have to inscribe the name of their children on all articles sent to school and note books.
  9. Lost and found articles deposited in the school office must be claimed and received within a month.
  10. Parents should pay attention to children’s regularity, punctuality and discipline.
  11. It is mandatory for all the children to join any of the non academic and co-curricular activities of the school.
  12. Children must come to school in full uniform in all respective days, and must wear the identity card everyday.
  13. Playschool students have no uniform. They must wear clean and well ironed dress.
  14. We provide milk and biscuits for the playschool children and keep two pairs of dress in the school.
  15. Do not depute any one not introduced / unknown to the school authorities to pick up your child from the school.
  16. If your ward is absent during examdays or for about a week during regular class days, please submit Medical certificate to the class teacher